Rogues gallery

All you need to do is be here at the right time to get yourself on the page. The only trouble is that its not always clear when the 'right time' is but if you can find Ian and buy him a beer you may significantly improve your chances.

Somebody heard pork scratchings!

Muphy practicing his 'hard stare'

Did somebody ask for spangles?

For those who are know this crowd you will instantly realise that there is a face missing.

No need to worry, he is the camera man for this shot as the pub's official photographer was on the missing list!

Clearly complying with the 'no posed pics' rule!!

Its a tough gig sucking through a knotted straw

Kirsten making herself at home

Watch out Shaft you have competition

Bailey, please don't tell him that he isnt the pub dog

Lennie got bored of the gym so is now using Darren to make himself look big

Terry on walkabout enjoying a dog beer or two

Sausage with the hat of love

Jackie and Martin demonstrating that vodka does make you smile

Brummy smiling, somebody else must have brought that beer!

Looks like Crossy brought Brummies beer!